Happy New Year

1 January 2018

We wish our customers all the best for the New Year.  After a lot of turmoil in 2017, we are looking forward to a more peaceful 2018.

Janet has worked very hard to load the stock into the new website and has done a sterling job.  She even found a few mistakes that I had made.  We anticipate the website will allow us to showcase our products more freely and without the restrictions of eBay, we will be able to provide more detail and a greater amount of advice and information.  Watch this News page for articles on installations, words of advice and information about new products we will bring on board.

An item that we have had for a little while but held off displaying until the new site was available are a number of the Trainorama S Class Locos.  We have VR, V/Line and West Coast Rail in variuos numbers.  These will be offered as DCC Ready, DCC on Board and Sound on board, depending on your budget.  The DCC Decoder will be a TCS EU621 and the sound Decoders will be a choice of the Soundtraxx Econami ECO-21PNEM, Soundtraxx Tsunami2 TSU-21PNEM or the TCS WOW121 Sound decoder, again depending on your budget.  This will be detailed in the description as they go live.

Featured decoders are the new Soundtraxx UK Econami ECO-100 and ECO-21PNEM decoders with UK Diesel and Steam sounds.  These are rare and currently only available in the UK. If this is your prototype, then these may be the sound for you.

We have also featured some Soundtraxx decoders that are no longer available from the manufacturer. We will sell these at a discount for those who want their sound on a budget.

So, Happy New Year and I will report back in a few more days with more news and information.




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