WOW 121 Diesel 4 function  21 pinplugin diesel sound decoder

TCS:1527 TCS WOW121-Diesel, 4-function, 21-Pin, Plugin diesel sound decoder.

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Now Shipping with 13 Prime Movers in One Decoder! This 8-function, MTC21-Pin, Plug in diesel sound decoder brings the superior audio quality and operational performance of WOWSound to your diesel locomotive. Included are all of the amazing features including Audio Assist™, Realistic Braking, and Prototypical Operation. The available sound set contains the EMD 567 non-turbo, 567 turbo, 645 turbo, 645 non-turbo, and 710 turbo, as well as the GE FDL16, and 7FDL16, and the ALCO 244 and 251 prime movers.

Featuring Load-Based Auto-Notching (Patent Pending), for automatic notch selection based on your set speed and load.

Dimensions: 1.28" x .69" x .22" or 32.5mm x 17.5mm x 5.6mm

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